You already own your house and your car so why not take control of your power? JBN Solar Pros’ goal is to make homeowners and business-owners solar power owners. This will allow you to turn your power bill into an asset, rather than a liability. Get solar now and take control of your power.

Residential Solar Installation

Either you are a first-time homeowner or you have been a homeowner for a while, but the same problem is likely to face you: maintaining a budget in light of increasing energy costs.

Commercial Solar Installation

It is a huge decision that will save you money each year by making your business eco-friendly. It is crucial to choose a package of solar energy services that suits your business's needs.

Solar Energy Storage

Homes & Businesses are switching from non-renewable energy to green energy as a result of increasing awareness about climate change and global warming. JBN Solar Pros Texas can help.

Denton Solar Installation

Solar energy can be a reliable, simple way to harness solar energy. Add solar power to your Denton home can help you save both immediate and long-term on your electricity bill. Solar energy installations from JBN Solar Pros Denton can reduce your electricity bill to a monthly expense.

Why pay high electricity rates to the utility company when you can have solar power for your home and/or business? JBN Solar Pros has low-interest financing options that allow you to save money and get solar energy right away. Learn how you can get short- and long-term savings by going green in Denton. Get a quote and see how much money you can save today. Call the most Trusted Solar Company In Denton today 469-340-0838.

Denton Solar Installation

Reliable Solar Company In Denton

We are solar panel installers with experience

We are JBN Solar Pros and proudly sell the best solar panels in the world. We know how important it is to combine quality products with top-quality installation and workmanship. We use only the most professional methods and products to protect your investment in solar energy.

Factory Trained

Factory-trained and Nationally Certified Electricians and Installers.


Your input and aesthetics are taken into consideration when we design your system. Low profile Solar panels, racking hides unsightly components and looks great.


Your home is protected with our leak-proof flashing system. It comes with a 25-year warranty.


The crew at the installation site will spend extra time concealing conduit that runs along your roof or alongside your home.