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Our Quick Solar FAQ

Solar should be affordable. With a qualified credit score, you can get instant approval for JBN Solar Pros’s No Money Down Loan. For more information, visit Cost Of Solar

No. Not at all Solar panel installations are property-tax exempt.

Numerous studies have shown that solar panels can instantly increase the value of your home and help you sell it faster. You don’t have to believe us. Read the New York Times Article.

Your solar panels produce excess energy during the day, which is sent to the grid. After the sun goes down, you get the power back. Future storage batteries will be an option for those who need them.

Every customer is provided with a 25-year warranty by the manufacturer. This will cover any issues that may arise from manufacturing. Each homeowner provides routine maintenance such as snow removal and cleaning.

After the term of your loan is complete you officially own the system and enjoy free power for the remaining life of the panels. For additional information Contact Us today.

Installation usually takes less than one day. However, it may take up to two days for large systems. JBN Solar Pros handles all aspects of the installation, including design and inspections.

Your home will remain connected to the electric grid. You will get the excess energy you produce from your solar panels back to the grid.

There are different savings opportunities when going solar. It all depends on the local utility costs. JBN Solar Pros is your solar provider so you can be sure that your utility bills will be lower than what you currently pay. JBN Solar Pros will assist you in understanding the savings you can make by going solar in your region.

Your utility company will send you one bill. One bill will be sent to you for your solar panels. Your total cost for solar panels will be lower than what you currently pay for energy.

On cloudy days, solar panels can still produce energy. Your system may be affected by rain and snow.

Systems connected to the grid will also go down if the power goes out in your region. It is unsafe to send power to areas where workers are trying to solve a problem with power outages.

Either you pay the system off when you sell your house or you can transfer it over to the new homeowner.

If the loan is secured by a solar system, the terms and conditions of the lender will govern the transfer of the loan.

Do you want to reduce your utility bills and do good for the environment? Solar is the right choice for you. Contact us today for more information or visit Price of Solar.

JBN Solar Pros representatives will visit your house to explain the savings and benefits of going solar. Our representative from JBN Solar Pros will help you decide if solar energy is right for you.
1. A team of surveyors will create a custom solar panel system for you.
2. Your solar panel system will be installed by a certified team.
3. You can start saving money right away!

Solar FAQ