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Saving On Solar helps Denton homeowners maximize energy savings through solar panel installation. Our network includes licensed Texas solar advisors that will take into account your home’s dimensions, roof type, power consumption, and other factors to create a customized quote & design.

What are the advantages of going green with Denton solar Renewable sources such as solar produce clean electricity and do not emit any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They also offer significant cost savings when compared to traditional power costs.

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Solar Energy Can Be Put to Work in Your Denton Home

Denton TX homeowners are the best candidates for solar energy absorption. You’ll get a credit for any excess energy you produce if your area has net metering. This will reduce or eliminate your utility bills.

How Solar Works:

  1. The cells of a solar panel are exposed to sunlight, which causes electrons to flow and creates an electric current.
  2. This energy is then channeled into an inverter, where it is converted to AC power to supply energy to your home.
  3. You will receive credit for any excess energy produced if your area is eligible for net metering.
  4. These credits can be used later in the day during low-light hours.
How Solar Works

How many solar panels are needed to run a house?

There are many factors that affect the number of solar panels needed to power your home. How many panels you need to save money will depend on your current energy bill, roof size and sunlight access. Solar is not an all-purpose solution. These are the main factors that we use to determine the size of your solar system.

  • Energy consumption
  • Your home’s size
  • The direction of your home
  • How much direct sunlight your roof gets
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Residential Solar Panel Installation

We want you to make the decision to go solar as easy as possible. This section will explain our 3-step sales process so that you know what to expect during your solar journey.

  • Get a Free Quote
    We will ask you a few questions in order to determine if your home and property are eligible for residential solar panels. We’ll arrange a visit by one of our consultants at your house if you are eligible.
  • Book a Free In-Home Consultation
    Our consultant will visit your home and assess your roof and shading. We’ll also take photos as part of our site audit. We’ll make a tailored proposal based on your energy consumption and the results.
  • Choose Your Installation Date
    We’ll schedule an appointment so you can have residential solar panels installed on the roof of your home before you know it.
Texas Homeowners Have Access to the Following Information Through 2022

Federal ITC Solar Tax Credit

Through 2022, homeowners in Denton TX are eligible for a 26% credit. The tax credit will decrease to 22% starting in 2023 and then cease for homeowners in 2024.

Remember that a credit is different from a deduction. You’ll get a credit on your federal taxes. If you purchase a 6kW solar panel system for $15,000 in 2021, you will be eligible to receive credit of $3,900 on your 2021 taxes. This brings the total cost down to $11,100.

solar tax credits
Solar Panels

Impact on Environment –Solar Panels are a great way reduce your carbon footprint. The United States’ 38% carbon emissions are due to residential buildings that use conventional on-grid electricity. A home solar installation can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 4 tons annually. This is equivalent to planting 100 trees each year.

How Does Net Metering Work