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Solar Power for Homes

Residential Solar Power: The Future Energy Source

Solar power for residential use is an economical way to save money and get clean energy. Your roof’s solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity that you use all day. Solar panels can reduce the amount of electricity you use from your local power company, and help you save money every month. Contact us today if you’re interested in residential solar panels in North Texas.

Is solar really a money-saver? Many homeowners in the Denton and North Texas area can make solar panels an investment or upgrade to their home. If your home is suitable, solar power can be cheaper than buying power from an electric company. We offer free assessments that will allow you to see how much solar power you can save.

What incentives are available for solar panels? There are many incentives available to residents of the Denton and North Texas for installing solar panels on their homes. Federal income tax credit of 26% is available to homeowners. This means that homeowners may be eligible for 26% back on their federal income taxes. Although the credit was recently extended, it will be cut after 2022 and ended after 2023. Rebates from local utilities companies are another incentive. To find out what your utility company offers , CLICK HERE. We will provide you with the most current information. Each year, programs change.

Clean, responsible Solar Power For Homes

Residential solar power not only saves money but also helps the environment. You use less electricity from fossil fuels when you use clean solar energy. Fossil fuels are polluting and are slowly running out of supplies. Switching to solar is a great investment for your future and that of the planet.

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