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Imagine your monthly electricity bill being significantly lower or even completely eliminated! Solar energy can be a great way for you to save money and get energy independence. It also allows you to use clean, renewable energy. Our region is well-suited for solar panels due to its abundant sunshine. JBN Solar Pros makes residential solar installation simple and painless.

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JBN Solar Pros is a locally owned and operated Roofing and Solar business in Danton, Texas. Since 1996, we provide solar and energy storage systems to minimize your utility costs. We offer solar panel energy services for Texas homes and businesses. This encourages home as well as business owners to manage their energy future and also develop a much more sustainable community.

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The Advantages of Solar Panels on Your House or Business

There are many benefits to adding solar energy panels to your home, whether commercial or residential. Solar panels can help you reduce your power bills and decrease your dependence on the grid. Here are some ways that solar panels could be of benefit to your home.


Take control & Own Your Own Power

Solar energy can be utilized for both residential as well as commercial purposes. You will not have to lease power from the grid. Rather, your solar system will certainly provide you with straight out access to clean energy. It will additionally help you stay clear of any unforeseen price increases by the utility companies. Call JBN Solar Pros today. 469-340-0838


Safeguard Against Untimely Power Outages

Because solar energy panels are powered by the sun, they can help you avoid any unexpected grid problems that may arise with traditional energy. If you lease your electricity from an electrical company, you are at risk of experiencing an outage at any time. Solar battery backups are also available, which will allow you to store excess panel solar energy you don’t need.


Increases home value & Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Home solar panels and battery technology also have the advantage of increasing your home’s value. On average, solar panels increase a home’s worth by 4.1% in the United States. A home worth $500,000 could see a $20,000.5 increase in its value. Our American-made panels are all-black and modern in design to blend seamlessly with your roof.


Lower Your Electric Expense

Solar panels can be used to reduce your electricity bill for both your home or business. Solar panel energy is essentially creating your own electricity, which could reduce the power you buy from utilities and save you thousands of dollars over the life of your panels.

Still have questions regarding solar panels?

Talking about solar power is a passion of JBN Solar Pros. We will answer your questions and walk you through the simple A-B-C steps to adding solar panel energy. We are here to help you achieve solar independence and save money. We’ll help you design the perfect solar panel system for your home by listening to all of your energy requirements.

JBN Solar PowerIs solar truly a money-saver?

Many homeowners in the North Texas area can make solar panels an investment or upgrade to their home. If your home is suitable, solar power can be cheaper than buying power from an electric company. We offer a free, no-obligation remote virtual assessment that will help you determine how much solar power could reduce your costs.

Is My Home and Solar Energy Good Fit?

If your home has an open, unshaded roofing system that faces East, West or South, it is likely to be a wonderful candidate. The average monthly electric bill for a home should  exceed $100 plus per month. You can also have a solar ground mount system installed in your yard if you don’t have roofing space. These are all viable options to install a home-solar system.

What incentives are available for solar panels? There are many incentives available to residents in the North Texas area for installing solar panels. Federal income tax credit of 26% is available to homeowners. This means that homeowners may be eligible for 26% back on their federal income taxes. Although the credit was recently extended, it will be reduced and eliminated after 2022. It will also expire after 2023. You may also be eligible for rebates from your local utility company. Check with your utility company to see what they offer. We will provide you with the most current information. Each year, programs change.

Positive Impact on the environment –Solar panels can be a great way of reducing your carbon footprint. The United States’ 38% carbon emissions are attributed to residential buildings that use conventional on-grid electricity. A home solar installation can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 4 tons annually. This is equivalent to planting 100 trees each year.

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