Residential Solar Panels

JBN Solar Pros offers high-quality, high-output residential solar panels for your home. Continue reading to find out how solar power systems for your home can help you save thousands on your power bills in North Texas.

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Committing To A Sustainable Future.

The days of ugly, clunky solar panels are gone. Modern solar panels from JBN Solar Pros are slim and low-profile. They are also beautiful. Our home solar panels offer exceptional power output and the highest efficiency. They are an affordable source of renewable, clean energy that can help you save money.

Solar Energy for Your House.

In the last few years, home solar panels have seen a huge increase in popularity. Solar panels are securely attached to your roof and harness the sun’s power to produce clean, usable electricity for your home. Based on your energy usage and savings, our design team will create a system that includes the number of solar panels you require.

Residential Solar Panels
Residential Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar Panel Installation

We want you to make the decision to go solar as easy as possible. This section will explain our 3-step sales process so that you know what to expect during your solar journey.
  • Get a Free Quote
    We will ask you a few questions in order to determine if your home and property are eligible for residential solar panels. We’ll arrange a visit by one of our consultants at your house if you are eligible.
  • Book a Free In-Home Consultation
    Our consultant will visit your home and assess your roof and shading. We’ll also take photos as part of our site audit. We’ll make a tailored proposal based on your energy consumption and the results.
  • Choose Your Installation Date
    We’ll schedule an appointment so you can have residential solar panels installed on the roof of your home before you know it.

What is the cost of residential solar panels?

Because every home uses different amounts of electricity, the average cost of a solar system will vary from one property to another. You may need more panels depending on how much you use each month to make significant savings.

Are you looking to invest in solar panels Get more information about our financing and warranty packages that will help you go solar on a budget.

Battery Backup for Home

The Generac solar battery storage could help protect you from the negative effects of power outages. It will kick in to provide support for critical areas of your home during an electrical failure.

The home backup battery storage stores your solar energy for times when your panels don’t produce, such as nighttime or during outages.

Our panels come with a Generac solar battery unit at no additional cost. For more information on solar energy storage, click here.

Battery Backup for Home
How many solar panels are needed to run a Home
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How many solar panels are needed to run a Home?

There are many factors that affect the number of solar panels needed to power your home. How many panels you need to save money will depend on your current energy bill, roof size and sunlight access. Solar is not an all-purpose solution. These are the main factors that we use to determine the size of your solar system.

  • Energy consumption
  • Your home’s size
  • The direction of your home
  • How much direct sunlight your roof gets.

How solar panels work for your home

Solar panels are made by harnessing the energy of the sun to produce electricity for your home. To offset your next electric bill, any unused electricity will be returned to your power meter.

Benefits: Solar Panels for Your Home:

There are many financial and environmental benefits to adding residential solar panels on your home. Solar panels can help you reduce your electricity bill and decrease your dependence on the grid. Here are some ways that solar panels could be of benefit to your home.

Modernize Your Curb Appeal

Our American-made panels are all-black and modern in design to blend seamlessly with your roof. Your panels are built to withstand everything, from strong winds and rain to extreme temperature and snowstorms.

Protect against Power Outages

Because solar panels are powered by the sun, they can help you avoid any unexpected grid problems that may arise with traditional energy. If you lease your electricity from an electrical company, you are at risk of experiencing an outage at any time. Generac battery backups are also available, which allow you store excess solar energy you don't need.

Take control of your power

You can get your solar energy from the sun, and then convert it into power you own 24/7, 365. You won't have to rent power from the grid. Instead, your solar system will provide you with unmitigated access and clean energy. It will also help you avoid any unexpected rate increases by the utility companies.

Electricity bills can be reduced

Solar panels can be used to power your home and reduce your electricity bill. Solar is essentially creating your own electricity, which could reduce the power you buy from utilities and save you thousands of dollars over the life of your panels.