The Tesla Powerwall, a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be used to store energy at home, is often paired up with residential solar panels. It can be used for EV charging and self-consumption. Each Tesla Powerwall 2 has 13.5kWh of energy storage capacity. They can also be stacked together in a chain.


Smart Solar Home


The Best Home Solar System paired with the Best Battery Storage Solution

The Tesla Powerwall battery stores energy during the day to be used when it is needed. Your Powerwall lithium ion batteries can be charged during the day by the sun shining on them. Your home can draw clean energy 24/7 from the smart battery system at night.

This Tesla home battery, a leader in the industry, can store excess sunlight and be used later when the sun isn’t shining.

Tesla’s batteries are smart. It charges in low-energy periods and then discharges in higher energy demands. The Tesla solar cell is designed to charge when it is most practical and then drain when it makes money (and dollars).

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How does Tesla Powerwall work?

The Powerwall solar battery stores energy in times of lower energy prices and then uses that energy to generate electricity when they are higher. The waterproof, self-contained unit can be mounted on a wall or floor as a single battery or in stacked configurations.

A home solar panel system is often paired with the Tesla Powerwall. A home equipped with solar panels will produce more electricity per day than it consumes during generation. Instead of sending excess solar power back to the grid, this extra energy can be stored in the Powerwall’s battery. The homeowner can draw energy from the Tesla powerwall at night, or when solar panels don’t produce enough electricity to supply the home’s needs.

What are some of the Tesla’s Powewall benefits?

The Tesla Powerwall is an attractive, high-quality home battery that comes with smart software and a user friendly smartphone app. It’s also relatively inexpensive. The Tesla solar battery is a popular choice for home backup power or EV charging.

The Tesla Powerwall detects a power cut and disconnects from the grid. It can then immediately restore power to your home within seconds. This is fast enough that you might not even know that there was one. One Powerwall can store enough energy to power an average home for one evening in the event of a power cut.

Your solar energy system can continue to power your home with solar panels and a Tesla Battery. Your solar energy system won’t work without a solar battery until the power grid is restored.

Self-Powered Home Use solar and Powerwall to lessen reliance on the grid. You can run your home entirely off solar power, day and night.

Backup Power
You can protect your home from power outages with reliable and seamless backup power

Energy savings
If your utility offers a time of use rate plan, you can reduce your electricity bill

Home Energy Control
The Tesla mobile app allows you to manage and control your home’s energy consumption in real time.

Whole Home Backup

Our recommended Whole Home Backup will protect your entire home. Number of Powerwalls Sometimes, it is possible to upgrade to We can help you determine if your electrical panel is needed. If this is the case, you can contact us. To increase the powerwall’s effectiveness, you can add additional Powerwalls. Ensure your home is operational during outages

Whole Home Backup

Essential Load Backup

We can backup only essential loads if your electrical situation is not suitable for full-scale backup. Since Lights and outlets consume less energy than a single Powerwall. This will usually be enough and a secondary panel of electrical wiring It is often required. Call us today to learn more…

Essential Load Backup