Generac PWRcell solutions, which are fully integrated solar + battery storage systems, make it easy to. Never be shocked by power outages or high electricity bills again.

PWRcell is a cost-saving solution that maximizes your solar panel production. The most robust and versatile battery backup solution on the market today will ensure that you are prepared for power cuts.

Generac battery backup systems save any excess power from your solar panel for later use. You can use the battery stored power to maintain your home’s electrical system during an outage. Continue reading to discover the many benefits of a Generac PWRcell backup battery for your solar panel system.

PWRcell’s Solar + Battery Storage system provides all you need to keep your home powered even when the grid is down. PWRcell is a leader in backup power technology, offering up to 9kW continuous backup power and load management for additional protection. Generac PWRcell is the next evolution in Generac’s 60-year legacy of backup power technology leadership.

The PWRcell is not only a powerful battery but also one of the most adaptable and flexible home energy systems on the market. The standard Outdoor Rated (OR), battery cabinet allows the PWRcell to be used in almost any climate. You can configure the Generac PWRcell to suit your budget and lifestyle.

There are 3 to 9kWh capacity, 4.5kW output and 6 to 8kWh capacity. Our 6-module configuration provides up to 18kWh capacity and 9kW output. We have you covered if more power is required. Multiple PWRcell battery cabinets can connect to one PWRcell Inverter to provide up to 36kWh storage capacity and continuous backup power.

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The Generac PWRcell Systems

Generac PWRcell’s modular design makes it easy to customize your system for any budget or home. Your system can also grow with your needs as they change. Generac’s basic PWRcell system can store 9 kilowatthours (kWh) of energy, while the more robust version stores 36 kWh.


Where can my Generac Backup System be installed?

Your Generac Pwrcell backup system can be mounted outside of your home, either against a wall in your garage, or on the side your house depending on where you live. Generac batteries can withstand harsh environments and are protected by a cover.