JBN Solar Pros is Denton’s #1 Solar Provider. We offer solar panels in Denton TX. Texas residents can potentially save thousands and reduce their carbon footprint by going solar in Denton.

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Denton Solar energy harnesses the sun’s energy in a reliable and simple way. You can save money on your electricity bills by adding solar power to Denton. With a solar energy system from JBN Sun Pros, you can transform your electricity bill into a monthly investment.

You don’t have to pay the utility provider so much for electricity. Instead, you can make a investment in solar energy for your home and business. With one of JBN Solar Pros $0 Down and low-interest financing options, you can save money right away. You can save money both in the short- and long-term by going solar in Denton. Get a quote today to find out how much you could save!

Denton Solar

Denton Residential Solar

Solar residential is one of today’s most cost-effective and environmentally friendly home improvements. Pre-purchasing electricity for the next 25+ year through a solar system can prove to be financially and environmentally advantageous.

Denton Commercial Solar

Commercial solar is a combination of tax credits, accelerated amortization and energy savings that adds value to your company’s assets and bottom line. You’ll enjoy positive cash flow within 4-8 years, in addition to the brand and marketing benefits.

Solar Battery Backup = Independence

Solar energy can be stored for rain or shine to use whenever it is needed. Your battery is charged by the sun’s rays during the day. The energy is then used to power your home at nights, during power outages or storms.

Are you looking to save on your electric bill? We may have the answer. Denton Solar is here to help.

Here are the top reasons to go solar:

The price of electric energy keeps rising! This is a great investment.

You won’t get the same return on many home improvements you make. You will save money every month by using solar energy. Solar panels aren’t an expense. They are an investment that will yield handsome returns, often surpassing traditional investments like stocks and bonds.

Solar has a fixed energy cost.

Although utility providers can raise energy costs, the cost of a solar system will remain constant until it is paid off. (or the term of your PPA agreement.

It is good for the environment.

Solar doesn’t emit harmful emissions like conventional power. Are you ready to join the green movement? The clock is ticking…

Reduce or eliminate energy costs

A Denton solar system can provide free electricity for 25-30 years. Even if you don't produce all the energy that you use, your utility bills and savings will be significantly reduced.

Stay ahead of the curve

Renewable energy is the future of energy. You can be one step ahead by converting to solar power today. Think about the possibilities!

Enhance Your Property's Value

Did you know that homes and buildings with solar panels on their roofs have higher property values and sell twice as fast as similar homes in the same area?

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Denton Solar

Got questions? We can help.

What is Denton Solar Energy?

Solar energy uses the sun's rays to produce heat and electricity. It is an infinitely-renewable resource that can generate energy in a quiet and consistent way.

What is the working principle of solar photovoltaic cell?

Photovoltaic cells, in layman's terms, are made of silicon or a semiconductor material. The elements boron and phosphorous, which are conductors within the cell, activate electron movement and create conductivity, are also added to the silicon. When sunlight activates the electrons, they move through the cell and into an electrical circuit connected to the solar panel.

What incentives and rebates are available for Denton's solar energy?

Up to December 31, 2021, there is an ITC of 26 percent federal investment tax credit (FICA) for solar energy systems. This tax credit is available to both residential and commercial customers. It applies to all three types of solar technology: photovoltaic and solar heating &cooling.

What maintenance does a solar panel require?

Solar photovoltaic panels are easy to maintain. However, it is important to ensure that panels are not exposed to shade or other debris. If snow or leaves fall on the panels, you'll need to clean them up.