Solar Power Systems can lower your electric bills

Solar Power Systems can lower your electric bills

Solar systems can help lower your electricity bills. Electricity bills are part of daily life for most people.

There are three main problems associated with electric bills

  1. They can be expensive
  2. They are getting more expensive by the day.
  3. They can be unpredictable

Solar systems are often the best way to reduce these three issues and reduce your electric bill.

High electricity bills

There are two factors that affect the price of your electric bill. They are how much electricity you use, and what the utility company charges.

It’s obvious that electricity usage is a major factor in your electric bill.

Tiered rates are used by many utilities. They increase the rate per kWh when power consumption exceeds certain thresholds. These rates mean that more power is being consumed and therefore, higher rates.

Solar systems allow homeowners to generate their own electricity, and so reduce their monthly bills.

Electric rates continue to rise

The electric rates are rising faster than inflation and wages. Every American is now spending more of their income on their electric bills.

Despite utilities adding cheaper, cleaner renewable energy to the electric power grid, it’s still costly to maintain and expand. The United States was the first nation to create an electric grid.

Utility companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to upgrade their lines and towers. Despite cheaper generation sources being available, the costs of delivering electricity continue to rise.

Solar power can lower homeowners’ electric bills. The grid maintenance costs will rise, but solar systems will still offer attractive returns.

JBN Solar ProsElectricity bill are completely unpredictable

Unpredictability of electric bills is a frequent complaint we hear from homeowners. They are then forced to make difficult budgeting decisions to pay their bills.

It is possible to predict solar energy costs with great accuracy. The utility usually charges a minimum fee of $10-20 in this instance. This covers grid maintenance fees as well as charges for net-metering. This amount can fluctuate throughout the year.

A cash payment does not have a recurring cost. Homeowners can use this stability to budget their monthly expenses.

What can you do to lower your electric bill today?

Solar energy can save homeowners money on their monthly electricity bills and protect them from rising utility costs. Solar offers homeowners a predictable billing cycle, which avoids any unexpected bills. To see your customized solar savings and schedule a chat or call with one of our Energy Advisors, visit

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